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Eco-dyeing is a craft and a science . The process is to steam and boil cloth with mordants to extract natural colour from local flora and fauna.

I enjoy every step of the sequence, the element of surprise and beauty of the leaf prints with the colours often eventuating in astonishing results. 

Every piece is different which is the beauty of the natural dyeing process.


The silk and wool I use are the highest quality sourced from a eco conscious company based in Victoria.

Please visit the Shop or follow WildBotanik on Instagram if you would like to keep in the loop of what I'm doing and what's for sale! 

 Feel free to contact me if you have anything special you would like to discuss.



Ona Janzen is a wedding photographer based in the Blue Mountains. My eco prints are now available when purchasing a wedding album after she has spent the day taking your photographs. Wild Botanik is now a part of Ona's already incredibly stylish presentation. More about Ona's albums here.


Floral Ink now uses Wild Botanik hand dyed ribbon to for their special bridal bouquets. Commissioned especially by Edith, we work together to come up with the complimentary silk ribbon colours for up and coming projects.


If you would like to capture the beautiful flowers and leaves in your bouquet into a silk scarf or wool shawl you can ask the Wild Botanik Studio. We would discuss the plants you've chosen and what is possible. Alternatively if you are an avid gardener you may want me to do the same thing with your own plants. Contact me here.