From the solo exhibition “I dream a dream only dreamers dream” 2019 Platform Gallery Katoomba NSW Australia

Photographs by Silversalt Photography

Show Bio: Artist and designer Tania Bowers has always been inspired by the natural world. She works intensively with plants to combine nature and couture, creating beautiful objects from the fabric she hand-dyes, sews and sculpts. 
“I am obsessed with colour and nature, and I use plant dyes from all different seasons and regions of the world,” says Tania. “My textiles contain tannin from trees, powders from roots, memories, mistakes, touch, stories and surprises.”
“I dye each piece of fabric with a combination of plant dyes, herbs, petals and rusty objects. I sew and embellish the fabric to turn it into objects, such as silk flowers, curtains, wall hangings, as well as everyday objects such as scarves and cushions.”

Tania is the ultimate creative polymath. Not only does she have a flourishing art and design practice, but she is also an in-demand hair and makeup stylist, and a critically acclaimed singer-songwriter, having released three albums under her stage name, Via Tania.  
When Tania is not making textiles, she can be found dressing up with her daughter, writing songs and spending time with her family. She has a studio in the corner of the yard where she makes her textiles and keeps all her things. “It is nearly always messy and lovely at the same time,” she says.
I Dreamed a Dream Only Dreamers Dream is an exhibition of dreamy, delicate textiles, each a work of art that has been lovingly hand-dyed and hand-stitched by Tania.

From the group show “Botanica” Blue Mountains Cultural Centre , NSW Australia


Show Bio: Bowers artistic practice is always a multi layered process: It starts with the fabric, raw and organic or used - usually as curtains, bedspreads or bed sheets. She sources plants locally and naturally dyes and makes leaf and flower prints through steaming or pounding the matter into the cloth.


Cloth-dyeing has always been a passion and in particular the process of eco dyeing has been essential to Bower’s practice. Something about the process and aesthetic - being earthy and photographic - and like with anything, the ability to experiment and have surprises have led to an endless venture for the artist.

LYTTLETON STORES LAWSON 2017 COllaboration with Ona janzen and Edith Pass

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