Making eco/ naturally dyed textiles is something I love to do.

A big bulk of what I do are eco dyed scarves using local flora and fauna. It is largely seasonal work, as the scarves have different colours and shapes depending on what plants are growing. Plants also give variations in colour based on the season they are in.

The method is to roll the leaves and petals onto (mostly ) silk fabric and around a dowel rod and then steam or boil in water. 

Alternatively, I also collect leaves for a dye pot adding different mordants to submerge the fibre in. 

I use a large pot and an outside gas burner.

I try and leave the scarves for a few days to encourage maximum colour and then rinse a couple of times in soapy water to remove residue. 

The placing of the leaves/ flowers is where the design comes in but there is also a lot left to chance as the chemicals and botanicals mix together in the pot. It is not an exact science - that’s what keeps me interested. 

It is as sustainable as I can make it, I am conscious of water usage using rainwater primarily and I’m using local materials and ethically sourced silk. I am currently growing my own dye garden as well so I can have more control on what and when things can be used even though I enjoy foraging and also I use offcuts and scraps from local florists who are usually composting these things. 

I also do commission work, and offer a service to brides who would like to save their wedding bouquet in the form of one of my scarves where I take their actual bouquet and use the leaves and flowers in the steaming process. 

I often provide florists with ribbons specifically for up and coming weddings and make curtains for stylists and private homes. I am a slow-growing business. I am also starting to design other fashion and home accessories using plants as inspiration.  Here are some examples of my work.

If you would like to commission some fabric, curtains, table linens, wall hangings, please get in touch to discuss.

Check @wildbotanik on Instagram for more works in progress

1.Cloud Herd booth Display 2. Wild Blue Studio Wedding backdrop 3. Detail of backdrop 4. Wrapping for Ona Janzen Photography 5. Napkins and Table Runner for Station St Store 4. Wedding scarf made from bouquet flowers 6. Floral Ribbon 7. Table Runner for Penny Lane Styling 8.Repurposed table cloths 9. Scarf display 10. Detail 11. Curtain


Station St Store, Blackheath, NSW Australia

The Cultural Centre Gift Shop, Katoomba NSW Australia

Lyttleton Stores, Lawson NSW Australia

Robin Richman Chicago IL USA